Reading has a lot of benefits. Sure, it takes a lot of time to go through a 500-page book on business practices. Even keeping up with news from your field of work would take hours.

No matter how time consuming it may seem, reading is very important, and certainly a habit of many successful people. Reading means knowledge, and the more you read, the more that knowledge will grow. And with more knowledge, come better results, better understanding of your work, new interesting ideas that will help you get ahead and so much more.

The world’s most successful people are avid readers – Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, all of them are huge readers. Buffet goes so far as to read 500 pages a day, whether it be newspapers or books. Sure, he is probably super-human, and most of us would not be able to read the length of a Game of Thrones book (well, almost a Game of Thrones book….) in a day and still have time to do some work, but it’s still an important lesson to learn.

You can try reading whenever you are on the move. If you are taking public transport to work, spend your time reading. If you are driving for hours, download an audiobook and listen on the way. Technology today makes it very easy to keep up with reading, even with the busiest lifestyles. Fact is, it also makes it easy for people to continuously learn new skills and develop careers.

We have some of the best books, audios and videos, both old and new, that have the power to inspire and motivate anyone in the world of business – and not only.

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