Manufacturing Business Plans

Do you need a pre-written business plan for a manufacturing, fabrication or production business? From sourcing your raw materials, to budgeting for plant and equipment, these pre-written manufacturing business plans will help you get started making – and selling – something useful.

Currently these are the pre-written business plans that we have:

  1. Bakery
  2. Biogas Digesters Production
  3. Bottled Water Production
  4. Chunks/Soya Mince Production
  5. Clothes Manufacturing 
  6. Construction
  7. Cosmetics and Fragrances Production
  8. Furniture Production
  9. Gold Milling
  10. Gold Mining
  11. Hand Sanitizer Production
  12. Maheu Production
  13. Maputi Production
  14. Nails and Barbed Wire Production
  15. Paper Stationery Manufacturing
  16. Peanut Butter Production
  17. Recycling (Plastics)
  18. Roofing Materials Production
  19. Sanitary Products Manufacturing
  20. Sewing General
  21. Sewing School Uniforms
  22. Tissue Manufacturing

The business plans come in 3 formats (PDF, editable Word & Excel) and can be used when starting a new business, applying for a bank loan, lease agreement, venture capital funds, approaching new partners, considering significant purchases, selling your business, growing your business or communicating with management & staff.

Product Specifications:

  1. Fully updated with current research through 2020!
  2. Business Plan Contents
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Business/Industry Analysis
    3. Market Analysis and The Competition
    4. Sales and Marketing Plan
    5. Ownership and Management Plan
    6. Operating Plan
    7. Financial Plan (3-year financials in automated excel format)
    8. Risk Management Strategies
    9. Sustainability and Expansion Plan
  3. Professional!
  4. Bankable!
  5. Editable!
  6. Immediately delivered after purchase
  7. Delivered in MS PDF and editable Word and Excel Formats via WhatsApp and Email within 5 minutes of purchase.

The business plans are currently priced at US$10 per soft copy and can be securely purchased online and dispatched via WhatsApp and E-mail. To place an order whatsapp/text/call +263 78 452 5446 now and one of our consultants will be on hand to assist you.

Important Notice

You can hire us to customize the plan for you!

  1. Perhaps you don’t have time to revise and edit one of our prewritten business plans
  2. Maybe you are uncertain how to use MS Excel and edit the spreadsheets
  3. Simply locate a plan and order it along with the customization feature  
  4. Charge depends on complexity and content of the business plan.

Business Pack, for professional, bankable and best of all customized business solutions.

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